Hi Stef,
thank you for your great report about Pi audio streaming…..
I’m completely new to this great world
I would like to know if you think the Raspberry Pi would be the right shield for my project.

I am a musician and sound designer, using Max/Msp, particularly interested on soundscape projects and researches, and this project is for an interactive sound installation in a real environment, with the sound produced by cicadas. As I’d prefer not to abandon a computer in a field, I assumed to use a microcontroller for this purpose.

So Raspberry Pi should be involved in steps 1-2-4-5 of the following:

1) sampling the sound locally produced by cicadas males during summer: mono signal is fine.
2) sending a stream of samples through the web in real time: Raspberry Pi should be connected to the web via 3G (no ethernet cable).
3) another computer placed in a studio should get this stream, making the audio treatments, re-sending it trough the web (splitted possibly into four independent synchronized channels-signals)
4) downloading the 4 processed streams;
5) distributing the sounds on a local multi speaker system, 4 channels basically.

If you think that all this is feasible through a Raspberry Pi plus a proper internet networking shield, I would buy it as soon as possible. Could you also tell me in case it would be possible with only 2 channels (stereo) playing?

I thank you very much for your attention, I stay waiting form an answer from you.

Best regards

stefano zorzanello