Shuttleworth sees Ubuntu as the universal OS

In his keynote this morning, Mark Shuttleworth sketched a future where by 2014 Ubuntu will be an universal platform on all devices with a screen. He mentioned Ubuntu-powered phones, TVs, tablets, cars, with the existing desktops and servers, all connected to the cloud. It’s a huge challenge. I’ve been hearing this story of the universal […]

Week 2011-10-02 in review

Reminder: logging out of Facebook is not enough. ShareMeNot is better # Next !Ubuntu version will solve my problem with Evolution, switch to Thunderbird and integrate with GNOME Evolution data storage #hope # cryptic name for a neat online events engine # For all Europeans: how to get ALL of the data that […]

Google swallows Motorola for $12.5B

This is what Google buying Motorola is all about: Our acquisition of Motorola will increase competition by strengthening Google’s patent portfolio, which will enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies. via Official Google Blog: Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility.

IBM and its success across a century

I spent many months together with IBM Italy during the first years of their ‘Linux initiative’ and learned to appreciate this huge corporation. I worked with their engineers certifying the now-defunct Linux distribution MadeInLinux for IBM x86 servers and later in a big marketing nation-wide tour to demonstrate the power of Linux to their massive […]

How Google Can Win the Social Network War

First there was Orkut, FriendFeed, MySpace. Then Facebook came and took 750 million people behind its wall as they eagerly connected with school friends, shared baby photos and played Farmville. Now Google Plus, the coolest kid in the block, has arrived. Facebook and Google seem to be competing to build the best single website where […]

Why I think we won the battle against software patents

After many years talking about the damages to innovation created by patents on software, I believe that the we can consider the battle won: the free software/open source movement should focus its attention on other battles.  While I agree with Florian Mueller that the Europeans are still pestered by patents on software, I believe that […]

Social Currency as a tool for community managers

I see a world of games, competitions, fun to be added to online communities using social currency platforms. Social currency is shared information that encourages further social encounters. It’s not a new concept, but the social web increases its prevalence. In the web-based collaboration software platform called Rypple, a simple act of thanking someone on […]

Things I said on 2011-03-06

Non avevo dubbi: BLOBbox è VIP Gold su PC Professionale di marzo, nel confronto con altri 12 mediaplayer! #blobbox #tvblob # RT @astro_paolo: Steve Bowen e Al Drew al lavoro fuori l’ISS. lavoro duro, qualcuno deve pur farlo! #sts133 #ISS # Siamo messi a pekoronakias, come dice Demetrio Parakulis sul Ruggito del Coniglio […]

Why FLOSS projects may gain from Community Managers

A discussion on started by Bradley Kuhn when he said I am becoming increasingly convinced that if your #FLOSS project needs a “Community Manager” or similar position, it’s in trouble. The conversation that followed on  doesn’t seem to consider two things: FLOSS projects are often the effort of for-profit (or simply revenue seeking, […]

Funambol asks EU to approve the Oracle+Sun deal

I was very concerned when DG Competition announced that they needed to take more time to investigate the merger of Oracle and Sun because of MySQL. The deal for me seemed not only natural for business reasons, but also naturally neutral towards consumers.  MySQL is safe also in Oracle’s hands because the project, with so […]