Convert OOXML to PDF from command line

Don’t you hate loading Open/ I do, so anything that helps to avoid the wait for the mammoth to load is good. Carlo Daffara shared a useful tip on Google+. to convert files to PDF using libreoffice from the command line, I use this: $ libreoffice –headless -convert-to pdf:writer_pdf_Export <filename> works quite well, and in […]

OOXML: free software is back to square one

We’re back to square one, 1 ISO standard on each side of the barricade since Microsoft managed to convince the ISO that its proprietary standard, OOXML’  deserves the approved stamp. For all the money Google and IBM have thrown trying to stop it, it seems they’ve lost this battle. But I’ve learned yesterday from a […]

Microsoft behaviour on OOXML pokes ESR

Eric Raymond is back and has written, with his very recognizable style, that he dislikes what Microsoft is doing to get OOXML approved by the International Standards Organization.  Good old ESR is so disgusted by the maneuvers to destroy ISO’s credibility only to maintain Microsoft’s monopoly on Office that he is willing to change his mind about Open Source Initiative’s position:

OSI will treat any licenses submitted to Microsoft strictly on their
merits, without fear or favor. That remains OSI’s position. But…

Yes, there is a but, he says:

Despite my previous determination, I find I’m almost ready to recommend
that OSI tell Microsoft to ram its licenses up one of its own orifices,
even if they are technically OSD compliant. Because what good is it to
conform to the letter of OSD if you’re raping its spirit?

I agree with ESR: who cares if some of Microsoft’s license technically grant four freedoms (or 9 principles). The problem is that Microsoft is not being a good member of the digital society, it’s still acting as a bully in the school backyard.

Now I wish Eric recognized that what he said means that OSI is about moral principles as much as FSFs are and there is nothing to be ashamed for this.

Ancora contraddizioni in OOXML

Lo chiamano standard, ma non lo è, evidentemente. Le specifiche di OOXML, il formato del nuovo Office, implementabile solo da Microsoft, fanno riferimento al registro proprio di Windows per definire le dimensioni della pagina. Sul blog openmalaysia si legge che: le sezioni (pagina 2770) e (pagina 2774) […] definiscono l’attributo ‘paperSize’. Questo valore […]

Rob Weir sulle specifiche OOXML

Si stanno moltiplicando le analisi sulle 6000 pagine di specifiche per Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML). Quella di Rob Weir è una lettura interessante perché evidenzia quanto queste specifiche siano state concepite per accomodare le esigenze di un unico vendor, ovvero solo Microsoft le può implementare correttamente. Rob spiega con un esempio molto chiaro qual’è […]

links for 2008-04-28

CEFRIEL – 06/05/2008 – Challenges for ‘open’ in next 12 months – CEFRIEL Bob Sutor, IBM, talks to CEFRIEL, Milano. My guess he will talk a lot about Open Standards and the OOXML fiasco. Marking the date in the calendar, see you there. (tags: ibm sutor ooxml open+standard conference cefriel) Mobile Open Source :: Fabrizio […]

links for 2008-04-14

More feedback about Google and AGPL The AGPL is a license that Google clearly dislikes for its own proprietary reasons — they have a vested corporate interest in impeding its popularity. (tags: google gpl opensource agplv3 affero) Vota per il Software Libero: oltre 80 candidati e 1700 elettori hanno già  aderito l’Associazione Software Libero comunica […]