Business schools should teach micro-management

I had a laugh today reading an article about Steve Jobs management style from Leander Kahney. As a business school student the article made me think of all the different management styles existing. Jobs is a control freak, a micro-manager, almost a maniac. Will Eisner praised micro-management too at last World Business Forum in Milan. […]

Is Adobe being disrupted?

I couldn’t believe what I heard from Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s CEO at the World Business Forum. Adobe is a company that revolutionized Desktop Publishing in the ’80s, their market is design and publishing software, both ‘classic’ and web. We all know about Flash and Acrobat, but they are also expanding in the enterprise software with […]

Is Microsoft tamed yet?

I read the New York Times today before going to the World Business Forum in Milan and I was surprised to read my former colleague at FSFE enthusiam. Georg is quoted saying: “This is a huge breakthrough,” said Georg Greve, president of the Free Software Foundation-Europe, a group that had challenged Microsoft’s practice of using […]