August 31, 2020

Who needs conferences? Not open source communities

conference with people

I love a good conference. In 2019, we probably ran into each other at the hallway track of Open Source Summit Europe, LF Member Summit or FOSS4G-NA. I’ve also been a speaker, knocked back unwise amounts of Red Bull for long days on booth duty and haven’t missed an after-hours party. That said, every time…

August 18, 2020
August 13, 2020

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is PyPy heading on the same path as NPM?

August 6, 2020
August 3, 2020

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I look at the list of breaches in @firefox #monitor and I get angry. So many services I signed up years ago, never went back, I forgot I even had them. They kept my data forever without purging them. We’ll solve this issue only when companies that get breached pay good money for the data…

This is how you did WORM in the old days. No #ransomware on this archive, my friend 🙂

The sad truth of working across timezones: you get one shot at asking questions. If there are not enough details, your audience can only answer with another question. You lose a day. Provide all necessary insights for your team to give a straight answer.
July 22, 2020

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Slack Files EU Competition Complaint Against Microsoft

Slack sued Microsoft in EU. Let’s put the band back together! @carlopiana