Jabbin looking for beta testers and packagers

I have been asked to relay this information and I happily do so:

The Jabbin project is looking for packagers and testers.  Jabbin is a multi-platform Jabber free software client, adding VoIP feature (it is possible to speak with GTalk users) and a new friendly UI .

They have released a new version and would like to focus more on GNU/Linux adding more support and documentation for it.

At the moment they have only the rpm package for SuSE, but more packages are necessary: Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu, at least.

To collaborate please contact the developer Stefano Grini via jabber JID stefanogrini@jabber.org

campusparty 2006

.flickr-photo { border: solid 1px #000000; } .flickr-frame { float: left; text-align: center; margin-right: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } charla campusparty 2006, originally uploaded by Stefano Maffulli. Valencia, mon amour. Stasera darò il terzo discorso al campus party, sul tema creatività , mondo hacker e personaggi controversi. Poi da domani…

Questioni di parentela

La mia saggia collega in FSFE, Antonella Beccaria, mi bacchetta per le parole dure scorrette usate nel mio post sul cambio di rotta di Lessig. Ha ragione lei e ha ragione JC De Martin ad essersi irritato: scrivo sempre d’impulso e a ruota libera su questo spazio (altrimenti scriverei comunicati stampa per qualche organizzazione di…

Beyond ‘open standards’

I am dealing with a paper about standards and Free Software and I’ve found out that the term ‘open standard’ is a very common term in literature (and commercial advertising).  According to most of the definitions I found, an ‘open standard’ can be patented and, at best, subject to RAND licensing policies.  This translate into ‘open standard _can_ be impossible to implement in Free Software’.

Now, since I am summarizing in this paper what defines a standard that is implementable in Free Software, it would be nice to propose also a term that is non controversial like ‘open standard’. 

Free standard is not good: I don’t think it’s savvy to replicate the fight between ‘open’ and ‘free’.  A friend whispered ‘non discriminatory standard’ but he agrees that the negation at the beginning is less than optimal.  I couldn’t think of any more solutions, so I ask here two questions: 

1) does it make sense to introduce in the Free Software community a new term that is non-controversial and more precise than the generic ‘open standard’?

2) if yes, what would that term be?

Any suggestion appreciated. Please comment here or on the list Discussion where I posted this same message and I will summarize any useful result.

MilanoCarSharing – L’auto solo quando serve

Mi hanno appena comunicato che Car Sharing Italia s.r.l. ha appena stipulato un accordo di cooperazione con Stadt Teil Auto di Fresing e V., società  che gestisce il car sharing in Germania. Il che vuol dire che, oltre alle vetture a Milano e a Rimini potrà  utilizzare oltre 2000 vetture in GERMANIA e circa 1700…

Software Freedom Law Center approva ODF

Aspettavo questo documento da un paio di settimane. Ora ne vedremo delle belle 🙂 Software Freedom Law Center On the factual basis described, and subject to reservations, it is our opinion that ODF, as standardized and licensed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information (OASIS), is free of legal encumbrances that would prevent…

Explaining how DRM works

 There are many descriptions online of how DRM (digital restrictions
management) work, but few images actually try to picture a real life
scenario. These images have been modeled after a simple scenario
described in the Digital Media Project, the people that is trying to
develop an interoperable DRM. I have used the use case n. 8 (Personal Photo) from the Approved Document No. 4 —
Technical Specification: Use Cases and Value Chains
to help Fellows explain why Free Software is incompatible with DRM, no matter what others say.

Get the file from here and let me know what you think, if it is correct and how to improve it.

Cursing in Italian

After Zidane trying to stop Materazzi’s heart, Liberation tries to suggest some ‘bad words’ in Italian in this mp3 file…  How disappointing, it is repetitive and boring.  I can do better as Georg and kyrah know 😉