Fellows get-together

During a jabber session with Fellow Stephan Peijnik, awhile back he brought up the idea of a multinational Fellows conference, which we FSFEers think is a great idea. (You can read his thoughts about it on his blog).

Following Stephan’s idea, we’re announcing the first (of what we hope will be many) international get-together for Fellows.

We will have the opportunity to use as we see fit meeting space in Bolzano at the South Tyrol Free Software Conference 2006 (SFSCon) on Saturday, November 11.  There will be space for workshops, conferences and plain fun.

We are looking forward to hearing your proposals for Fellow time on the new mailing list and on the Fellowship jabber channel.

Keep in mind you are welcome to participate in the whole SFSCon2006, too (special lodging/meal packages are being arranged).