The powers of the Fellows

By talking with members of the Free Software community, I realised that one of the least considered reasons to join is the fact that Fellows can promote their projects, plans and ideas to further Free Software through the Fellowship.  That means having an international audience of 800 (and growing) dedicated and smart people. It also means working directly with FSFE to further Free Software, in your home town as well as in Bruxelles.

There are already example of Fellows proposing projects and using the Fellowship for Free Software.  Stephan, for example, suggested to have an international meeting of Fellows.  Emmanuele proudly used his affiliation in some articles regarding the abuse of electronic scrutiny in past Italian elections.  Shane suggested to use the power of the Fellowship to improve Free Software advocacy

Imagine what you can do with the power of the Fellows. Imagine starting an information campaign about Free Software in your home town or your old school, all with the help and support of FSFE via the Fellowship.  Does it sound good?  Stupid?  Say it, I’m all ears.