The Fellows connection

Organizing a meeting like the Fellowship Meeting is not a piece of cake.  Luckily FSFE and its Fellows can count on a  wide international network of friends.  In this case our friends in Bolzano offered to co-locate the Fellowship Meeting with the South Tyrol Software Freedom Conference. 

Thanks to the friendship with SFSCon, the Fellows not only have the facility to meet in person but also enjoy a great deal of backend support for the logistics, like dealing with registration of attendees.  SFSCon has provided also special deal packages for accommodation.  It’s good to be part of a big community 🙂

Keep an eye here (constantly updated) and on the SFSCon web site to register soon.

More about the meeting’s agenda

Yesterday has been a very exciting day for the organization of the international meeting of the Fellows. 

Yesterday the FSFE Team has confirmed that a very special announcement will be done during the meeting.  The Fellows that will be in Bolzano will know first, before anybody else something really important for the future.

So, the agenda of the meeting will look like this:

  •  Special announcement by FSFE
  • A report from FSFE Team about ongoing issues
  • Advancing the Advocacy project: improve the material, involve more Fellows and gather ideas for local actions

There is also a new webpage for the event.  It’s a very very basic draft, more information will be added while they become available.

La tecnologia non può nulla contro l’ignoranza

Scrivere un rapporto confidenziale e pubblicarlo su un sito web non è proprio la più furba delle mosse: se Google lo trova non è più confidenziale. Fantastico 🙂 via Boing boing Da provare: confidential “do not distribute” – Google Search

Google Image Labeler

Google mille ne pensano tante, pure troppo. Stavolta si sono inventati un gioco che incrementa l’efficacia del motore di ricerca di immagini. Non ho capito cosa si guadagna a giocare in questo modo: chi gioca migliora Google, ma in cambio cosa riceve? Boh. Google Image Labeler

The agenda of the meeting

The agenda of the upcoming meeting of the Fellowship of FSFE is shaping slowly at the new discussion list. 

So far two proposals have been made and nobody objected on the list:

  • A report from FSFE Team about the work being done at EU level with the help and support of the Fellows
  • Advancing the Advocacy project: improve the material, involve more Fellows and gather ideas for local actions

We will have 4/5 hours, so there is space for another topic, at least.  And it is still possible to change them, if you hate them so much (and you are coming to Bolzano).  You should join the discussion now if you want to suggest your favorite topic or support the existing one. We should start fixing the agenda by next weekend, Sept.  9/10.

The reason for the Fellowship meeting

During the discussion on the new list for Fellows it came out that the main reason for the upcoming international meeting of the Fellows is the opportunity for FSFE team members to meet and thank the Fellows for their help and support.

When the Fellowship was launched a comment appeared on the blog of a patent attorney.  He noted that "FSFE was calling its arms to the battle against software patents". 

Indeed, he was totally right: the Fellows have helped fighting and winning that battle, probably without even noticing.  It was thanks to the enthusiastic contributions of the first Fellows that FSFE was able to support Ciaran economically to be a lobbyist in Bruxelles instead of a bartender, as it seemed to be his destiny at that time.  Indeed, he did a great job, but a big thank you goes to all Fellows.

Ancora anni bui

Mi è appena arrivata la comunicazione del commercialista riguardo la manovra bis… Il salvatore della patria Prodi ha messo le mani addosso agli italiani, magari pure senza aumentare le tasse, ma certamente aumentando il peso burocratico che un professionista deve sopportare. Chiunque abbia una partita IVA ha l’obbligo di avere un conto corrente? Qualsiasi movimento…