Roberto Galoppini è caduto vittima del software proprietario sul telefonino, come accaduto recentemente anche a Greve.’  La colpa come al solito è da cercare nelle pessime implementazioni e nello scarso rispetto dei clienti.

Per rispondere a Roberto comunque, ci sono ben due consorzi per l’uso del kernel Linux in dispositivi telefonici: il Linux Phone Standards Forum (Lips) e una Mobile Linux Foundation annunciata quest’anno da Vodafone, Nec, e’  … Motorola. Pietà  🙂
Link: Embedded Linux: why I have to buy a new mobile phone

Back from Bolzano, back from the First International Meeting of the Fellows, lots of important news in my (and yours) mailbox.  First of all: thank you to all participants, it was a wonderful experience.  There were at least 40 Fellows from all over Europe in the same room for the first time, and that only was worth the efforts.  But that all of them were so interested in the Advocacy project and willing to participate in it was probably the best part of the day… at least for me.

In the next days we will put together a page with pictures and recordings of the event, but for now let me just announce that Alejandro and Ekke added the planet aggregator during the eZ Publish workshop: you find the rss feed here and the page will be ported in production in the next days.  Thank you again everybody, stay in touch for more news.

Here we are in Bolzano.  I’m excited: there are many Fellows here.  We have also new Fellows to welcome.  There will be soon pictures and recordings of the SFSCon, too.

 The presentation of the Fellowship was appreciated: the advocacy project has attracted the interest of the audience. Tomorrow it will be a very interesting day: we will get ready to shape the future of our community.

Molto interessanti questi grafici pubblicati da Tim O’Reilly.’  Dove sta andando l’informatica? Quali sono le tecnologie più hot del momento?’  Ci si può ragionare sopra usando come indicatori le vendite dei libri della O’Reilly:
AC/OS: O’Reilly: Books as a proxy for ‘What’s hot’