Claim your blog on Technorati

Happy 2007, Fellows: this is my first post in this new year, so I use it to wish you all a wonderful time.

One Fellow asked me recently: how do you claim your blog on Technorati?  It’s fairly simple, once you know which buttons to click.  You need to create a weblog in your home folder on, first.  Then  go to your profile on Technorati and click on  Claim your blog. Enter the url of your blog (in my case it is and use the Embedded claim.  Copy the html code provided by Technorati (it’s a script code) and go back to your weblog folder on  Click on Edit to modify your weblog and paste the html code in the ‘Technorati Blog Claim‘ field.  Click on Send for publishing and get back to Technorati to complete the process.  You’re done.  Happy blogging.