Moving on advocacy

Some Fellows in Italy have been silently working to move the Advocacy project on next steps.  Madero, for example, has prepared and run a poll between his colleagues high-school students asking what kind of topics they would be interested in.

The results are not surprising me but they are worth spending some thoughts on (even without considering statistics, for a moment).  Students seem to be interested in peer-to-peer technology and ‘hacker’ stories, more than definitions of licenses or copyright.  It’s something all Free Software advocates should keep in mind: students go to school to learn, while extra-curricular activities should be classifiable as fun, not study.  Another important consideration: students want to know about practical things that affect their life, like p2p.  Only few are fascinated with programming or knowing computers. A good Free Sw advocate should be able to translate Free Sw concepts immediately into real life practical considerations, without using technical terms. 

Do you have a reference to a speech that can be taken as reference to talk to students?  An audio or video recording or a transcript would be very nice to start a debate.