Why eZ Publish?

A new fellow asked on the forum why we picked eZ Publish. I have answered there, but I think it’s better to repeat it also here for all the Planet readers.

FSFE chose eZ Publish because we needed a system that was not only
flexible and easy to deploy but that was fully supported.  We ran tests
with other CMS, but none convinced us fully until we were offered by eZ
Systems not only the software eZ Publish but also one of their
programmer to assist us in all customizations.  eZ Systems also added on top of that a support contract.  So, the software fit our needs, eZ Publish is Free Software
released under the GNU GPL and we had a developer available for customization
plus a support contract.  It was the best offer we received .

As a good side effect, since
FSFE and eZ Systems started this collaboration, eZ released almost all
of their software under the GNU GPL, and we are very happy about this. 
Some of their software is still under non-free licenses and we are not
so happy.  But the cooperation proved to be good for Free Software and
we will keep helping them do the right thing and become a fully free business.

Let me add that paying
for free software is not a sin, but until today FSFE didn’t pay a
.  We will probably decide to invest into the development of the
portal during 2007 to add the collaboration
features we need for the Advocacy groups that are starting to form. But
we haven’t taken any decision yet.