Free Software Business is about ethics

Free Software is first about ethics, not only licenses nor development models. Ethics in business has started to be considered as an important item and it’s not unusual nowadays to see Corporate Social Responsibility mentioned in business reports.

That’s why I think that to qualify a Free Software Business we need to measure its orientation to doing good to freedom in the digital society. I’ve talked about this topic also in the past and I’m still convinced that consideration like the following from Roberto should come after looking at the companies missions and CSR reports.

we ended up classifying OS firms as those that:

  • sponsor, support, facilitate an open source project, that is a
    project that has a license compatible with the OSD definition, in a direct or indirect way.
  • the sponsoring/support must be continuous, that is it should not be a single, one time contribution.

I am aware that it’s not easy to measure ethics or freedom in digital society. Neither is easy to measure sustainable development, but many have been suggesting ways for many years despite difficulties πŸ™‚ Probably this could be a role for FSFE’s future activities?