June is a busy month

What a month! This June is full of important dates, at least in Italy the Free Software enthusiasts have all weeks full.  Tomorrow Richard Stallman will speak in Rome at Università  La Sapienza in Roma. He and Bruce Perens will also be heard later by the President of the Italian Chamber. Many Fellows will be there with FSFE merchandising: look for the "plussy" 🙂

Next Sunday, June 10th there will be the Pluto Meeting in Padova: special guest Richard Stallman that will receive the official paper attesting that Internation UNESCO  Clubs (FMACU) inserted the GNU Project into the list of World Treasures.

On June 12th in Milano I will participate to a panel promoted by AICT about Free Software trends where I have been asked to speak about DRM.

But first I will have to give a lesson to the Executive MBA in ICT students of Politecnico Business School, MIP on June 9th.  I’m preparing the slides now and I’ll publish them later.


And this is only the first half of the month 🙂 For the second half I think all FSFE will be super-busy preparing the yearly General Assembly in Bruxelles.



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