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The Linux Foundation on OOXML [] Ulteriori commenti sul processo di standardizzazione ISO (tags: ISO jtc1 ooxml open+standard standard microsoft)

Nuovo inizio, dopo l’estate

Eccomi di nuovo in ufficio dopo 3 settimane di pausa estiva. Ne ho approfittato per svuotarmi la testa dalle diatribe interne lavorative e chiarirmi le idee su cosa fare nei prossimi anni, appena finisco l’MBA. In vacanza mi sono portato il librone di Finanza: che bella materia, veramente.’  Ho potuto seguire la crisi dei mutui…

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Groklaw – More Irregularities in the OOXML ISO Process Surface a revolting picture of the ISO standards process. (tags: ooxml standard open+standard openxml iso) Microsoft Office XML Formats? Defective by design They insist on the fact that, provided you make a valid use of the XML, pretty much changing the content of anything in an…

Back from vacation and new beta

Hello world! After some (very good) time offline I’m back with good news.  As you can see from the big ‘beta’ on the  head of these pages, the site has been added an important feature. It is now possible to add content in languages that is not English and manage translations.  At the moment the languages enabled are Spanish (Castillan), German, Italian and English.  More can be added on request.

Most of the work to modify the standard eZ Publish features was done by Alejandro Serrano, who we can’t thank enough.  He didn’t know eZ Publish before but it took him very little time to master it. 

Would you like to help developing this site?  Get in touch with Fellowship-hackers at fsfeurope dot org.  For comments, bug reports and suggestions use the forum.

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The Family Guide to Digital Freedom, June 2007 edition – The only book on software and digital technologies that no parent can ignore. (tags: freedom parenthood book booktoread)

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(About GPLv3) Can the Linux Kernel Relicense? The Linux kernel has no structures in place to facilitate relicensing. (tags: gplv3 linux license) Preventing modification: put it in ROM? Put the software in a ROM chip (tags: gplv3 linux license) How GPLv3 tackles license proliferation (tags: gplv3 licensing software gnu linux) GPLv3 embedded in devices /…

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Features – Best Legal Practices for Open Source Software: Ten Tips For Managing Legal Risks for Businesses Using Open Source So | (tags: business gnu law legal license tips licensing gpl)