To lean or not to lean

Today I have decided the elective courses for my second year at MIP MBA. It wasn’t an easy decision, but in the end I decided to ditch the hard disciplines and focus on improving my soft skills. I picked Lean manufacturing and services and Change management and knowledge management. I was undecided wether to go…

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Patented technology an obstacle to mobile web, Berner-Lee says Patented technology is a major obstacle to development of a mobile web, Tim Berners-Lee, founding father of the world wide web (tags: software+patents web berners-lee patents)

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Monti: «L’Europa dimostra di essere un vero potere forte» – Corriere della Sera Supermario si gongola della vittoria dell’Europa contro Microsoft, il potere forte straniero. Che la Commissione sia il grande vincitore della diatriba non ci sono molti dubbi. Ora bisogna far vincere Samba, e non è facile. (tags: microsoft antitrust monti free+software samba)

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AMD/ATI release register specifications; Novell follows with alpha driver Novell has released an alpha-quality driver for the R6XX and R5XX series of cards. Well done Novell. (tags: amd ati drivers free+software novell)

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A day in court. What a day! | Carlo Piana :: Drupal blog :: Congratulations Carlo, well done. Microsoft has lost its case in the EU antitrust trial. (tags: microsoft antitrust victory fsfe samba free+software+business piana) Yahoo buys e-mail software firm Zimbra | Tech news blog – CNET Yahoo buying Zimbra is good news…

The end of a phase

Yesterday the long battle supporting the EU Commission in the antitrust trial ended.  Such activity was started by Peter Gerwinski and later carried out by others, including me.  Yesterday a phase has closed.

Today I start a new one, but without FSFE.  I have just sent the following message to FSFE board announcing my resignation.  Thank you for your help and support: these have been wonderful years.

Dear FSFE Team and Free Software community,

I hearby resign from my position as Italian Chancellor and Fellowship Coordinator for the FSFE.

I have contributed to the growth of the organization since 2001, including the creation of projects such as the Fellowship and, the fight to the swpat directive, the opposition to OOXML and many other successful activities.

So it is with a heavy heart that I must recognize the organization has taken a direction that I can no longer support, one which I feel will eventually make it irrelevant in the community, if not defunct.

In June 2007 I devised with other team members a constructive proposal to re-organize the foundation as a starting point for reforms. It fell  on deaf ears. It has since become clear that all efforts would be made to ensure that my resignation was necessary.

I will continue to promote Free Software within other organizations and in other ways. 

I wish to thank all the people who generously contributed time and expertise to the Italian chapter and the Fellowship.

Stefano Maffulli

From now on, please contact me using my personal email addresses:
stef   maffulli net or stef  zoomata  com
My personal blog is at

Microsoft ha perso, i consumatori Europei vincono

La sto leggendo or ora il comunicato stampa della sentenza della Corte Europea sul caso antitrust Microsoft contro la Commissione Europea. Sono arrivato a questo punto, il più importante, e sto pensando di festeggiare: The Court therefore upholds the part of the decision concerning interoperability. Tra poco uscirà  il comunicato stampa ufficiale di FSFE. Eccolo.…

Dossier UE-Microsoft: la chimera dell’interoperabilità 

Lunedì 17 Settembre si chiude un ciclo importante per FSFE, per il movimento Software Libero e anche personalmente. In attesa della sentenza è consigliabile leggere il reportage di Antonella Beccaria al ritorno dall’ultima fase di udienza in tribunale. A conclusione della settimana di udienze in cui si discuteva davanti alla Corte di Giustizia della Comunità …

PI: Stallman: Torvalds? Non seguitelo

Richard come al solito non le manda a dire: PI: Stallman: Torvalds? Non seguitelo Combatterete per la libertà ? Rifiuterete Windows e MacOS e altro software non libero e passerete a GNU/Linux? O sarete troppo pigri per farlo?” Il 24 Settembre Stallman sarà  a all’Università  di Pavia per ricevere la laurea honoris causa in ingegneria. Dettagli…

More about licenses, Microsoft and OSI

I’m having problems submitting comments to Roberto’s blog, so I continue the discussion with him here, after his comment The problem with Microsoft channel is that it’s a channel that (mainly) develops software on top of proprietary protocols and formats. Therefore I see the value growing only for Microsoft, if OSI approves these licenses. Just…