Small changes to the blog

I’ve started the new tag system offered by WordPress 2.3.1 a few weeks ago and I’ve also stopped using the categories. I left them on because I didn’t want to change the archives.’  I’m still looking for a way to deal with dual language posts: WordPress seems not to support natively multiple languages (we talked at the Cena Lunga about this with Giacomo and LK).’  I thought of using different categories, it and eng, but I’m not sure how to achieve separate feeds. Gengo seems too complicated and doesn’t work on 2.3.1anyway, other solutions I found seem abandoned. Does anybody know of a *stable* solution to mark posts as Italian or English, offering two separate feeds?

While I was playing with WP I’ve added two new widgets: one from twitter (more freaky experimenting with social networks) and the new FSF fund raising widget. Put it on your blog too and give yourself a nice Christmas present donating to FSF. Did you know they have also a fund to support the defense of poor moms and kids against the RIAA lawsuits?