I think that transparency is the best way to show ‘good intentions’, even if it is not easy to do. And yes by forcing this process organizations will be also more ‘financially ordered’.
I understand what you mean. Donations are made for trust, and trust is created with a good use of donations, and the best way to show this good use is with a public balance sheet.
But also this means to open dialogs with supporters about the use of this money, when is not wasted, and I think that most of these small organizations is scared by this point. When you try to do your best, in a small context and by personal motivations, every critic is a wall to overtake, and the fear that sooner or later you’ll probably give up if these critics (maybe made for gelosy or what else..) become too many, or because of stress, is bigger than the fear to remain without money.
Anyway, without courage nothing happens, so in the end transparency can be a really useful tool.
(sorry, maybe I got too philosophic [smile] )