A fresh start with my new job at Funambol

I haven’t been updating the blog too much in the past week and the reason is that I have a new job as community manager at Funambol. The company develops the free/libre software Funambol application server (formerly known as Sync4j). The server allows mobile backup and PIM synchronization to contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and other data, push email (blackberry-like), mobile device management to manage cell phones remotely.’  Funambol also has clients for most cell phones available on the market.

The software allows also extensions, as plug-ins and connectors. One of my duties will be to help external developers to contribute plug-ins like the iPhone, Yahoo and Gmail connectors.

The office is in Pavia, which is 45 minutes away from my home in Milano. The company is located in Redwood, California, giving the international touch I like in this creative Italian venture.

I am already getting used to the new rhythm and in the next days I’ll start posting more regularly.