Mobile open standards and Funambol on the Blackberry

Only a couple days ago I was having lunch with Carlo Piana and we started chatting about his Blackberry and about its dependence on MS Exchange. I’m moving the first steps in the mobile arena and I’ve already confirmed that the standards war on the desktop is nothing compared to the war on mobile standards. On the desktop there is ODF vs OOXML, Microsoft vs the rest of the industry; the market is much more mature and “stable” compared to mobile. What to me seemed a raging war looks now a cat-fight. On mobile the market is a volcano during eruption, and Funambol is in the middle of it. Beautiful and scary, I love it πŸ™‚

Mobile needs that open standards emerge and get solid, therefore I’m happy to relay the announcement of the new version of Funambol’s Blackberry plugin v. 3.0.8 Community Edition. Go to the project’s page to download the binaries Over The Air (OTA) or as a bundle to be installed via USB cable. The source code is available on the ObjectWeb CVS repository (tag r_bbplugin_3_0_8). Check the release notes to see what’s new.

This release takes into account some of issues that Funambol Community has repeatedly pointed out in the last months on the mailing lists, and it’s as a starting point for the Community to further improve its quality adding the new features that the last generation Funambol clients already have.

Mobile need open standards, just like the desktop. There is another standards war to fight, so take your keyboards and start coding πŸ™‚