Mobile micro-blogging with Funambol at Girl Geek Dinner

I made an experiment last Friday at the Italian Girl Geek Dinner: I grabbed the latest JAM email client that supports sending photos and I used it to report from there using the new service Twitxr.’  Twitxr is like Twitter allowing short text messages but adding one image and a simple form of geotagging.’  I setup my Twitxr so that I could send all my comments and pics to a special email address from which they would also be forwarded also to twitter (whose stream is included also on this blog’s sidebar) and my Facebook (Flickr is also supported, but I left it out for now).

I found out that the keyboard of the Nokia N60 I used is good enough to write short twits and that the quality of the pics is acceptable to describe what is happening.’  The battery of the phone ran out faster than I expected. Giulia suspects that the JAM version I was using had a bug (I’ll check this with Edoardo later this week).

I had fun at the dinner, I liked Sarah’s speech: the girl has a clear vision, I found her very inspiring, definitely a person to folllow. We’ll have to find more occasions to do things together, since she is a mobile geek 🙂

The question everybody asks: How many guys were there?’  I’m waiting for’  the video in