I think that a document is anything that I save on my computer, anything that ‘documents’ my actions and my life. So bookmarks, images and text files, maps, email messages, calendar entries are all documents to me.’  Saving these digital documents’  in folders as one would in an office phisical-space-cabinet is too limiting.’  What if the same file fits into more folders?’  For example, a remarkable presentation to a client for project A, would it go to ProjectA folder or to Remarkable folder? The picture of my nephew goes to the FamilyPhoto folder, but should the very good one go also to CandidateForContest folder?

With today’s desktops we can do most of this (link, alias, copy), but it’s not easy and it’s not all.’  Emails are stored totally separated from the projects folders and that’s bizzarre. Same goes for pictures if you want to organize them in a meaningful way, with title, comments, tags (using iPhoto or F-Spot) they are separated from the file system folders.’  If we think that the desktops we use today are some 40 years old, I think it’s about time that somebody starts to innovate.

When I met professor Giorgio De Michelis I immediately liked his a vision because it fits in the issues I briefly described, and some others.’  I’m glad he will be presenting the new initiative, called ITSME, that matches hardware design with a new desktop metaphor together with Elserino Piol and Prof. Alfonso Fuggetta at the IDC Italia >> Innovation Forum 2008.

I’ll be there to listen to the event because I’m really not impressed by all the existing operating systems 🙂

I really liked watching this presentation, I think that Charlene has good points. My social graph is not flat and it’s more extended than any Google or Facebook knows. Which leads to my concerns: how much do I want to disclose to strangers? how do I make sure that I am the owner of my own social graph? how do I balance being part of a big social network and such disclosure?

I guess I’ll have to keep thinking about this. Meanwhile, enjoy Charlene’s slides.

I made an experiment last Friday at the Italian Girl Geek Dinner: I grabbed the latest JAM email client that supports sending photos and I used it to report from there using the new service Twitxr.’  Twitxr is like Twitter allowing short text messages but adding one image and a simple form of geotagging.’  I setup my Twitxr so that I could send all my comments and pics to a special email address from which they would also be forwarded also to twitter (whose stream is included also on this blog’s sidebar) and my Facebook (Flickr is also supported, but I left it out for now).

I found out that the keyboard of the Nokia N60 I used is good enough to write short twits and that the quality of the pics is acceptable to describe what is happening.’  The battery of the phone ran out faster than I expected. Giulia suspects that the JAM version I was using had a bug (I’ll check this with Edoardo later this week).

I had fun at the dinner, I liked Sarah’s speech: the girl has a clear vision, I found her very inspiring, definitely a person to folllow. We’ll have to find more occasions to do things together, since she is a mobile geek 🙂

The question everybody asks: How many guys were there?’  I’m waiting for’  the video in intruders.tv.