Ok, it wasn’t a technical question.
It was a simple person to make that question, about the future of this thing, and that wanted to say this I think: privacy it right but trasparency its a duty for the citizens, so if you want my income to be published there’s no problem but I want to know how requests this numbers, to prevent curiosity.
I understand the meaning of the question this person made me: it’s just that my life can be used by anyone for speculations? You know, someone feels strong and brave when can talk behind someone else, but it wouldn’t knowing that the person you’re talking of knows who’s speculating.

Of course, I don’t agree with this method, because if think that transparency it’s a method that feeds itself, and because tracking people moves it’s not the right thing to do to prevent this kind of behaviors (transparency becomes tailing and shadowing). Maybe speculations can also be prevented with this kind of transparency and after all – with or without it – they’ll always be.