Happy birthday to GNU — The GNU Operating System

Five years have passed already since I and another bunch of Italians put together a 7 days of celebrations for the 20th anniversary of GNU.We went around Italy in a van, giving speeches together with guest stars as Richard Stallman, Mako Hill and other.’  I have very good memories of that week, eating cakes and drinking’  spumante. There are some pictures of Settimana delle libertà  digitali in April 2004 on the Hipatia website.

This year it’s time to celebrate the 25th anniversary and FSF has started already releasing a video of British comedian Stephen Fry whishing happy birthday to GNU the “tastiest operating system in the world”.

British comedian Stephen Fry talks about software freedom and GNU

Stephen Fry — Happy birthday to GNU — The GNU Operating System



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  1. I think this is the right direction.
    Movies usually attract a lot of curious people even if they don’t know anything about free software and digital freedom.

    We need more multimedia and more fun to reach more people!

    I look forward a long series of short movies starring famous celebrities.
    Maybe next time we could pick up a girl.. 😉