It crashes, it crashes

The first time it crashed was when I first got it, brand new.’  I unpacked it, booted it, attached the Samsung OGG player… nothing showed up on the desktop, so I removed the player and BOOM!

Then it crashed again, but I couldn’t replicate the error. Today it’s the third hard kernel crash in eight months. Unacceptable, from an operating system without a decent ALT-tab function and only two mouse buttons.

I have to say though, that it crashes very very nicely. It’s beatiful even when it’s useless.

A nice screen of death

A nice screen of death




  1. Stefano, in my experience when MacOS crashes too often, an hardware problem may be the cause. Apple hardware, even if very well designed, is just consumer grade hardware and does not have all the reliability feature you may find on top-class server side gears that can manage to handle gracefully also serious hardware problems.