Rockbox brings portable music to blind

iPod powered by Free Software

iPod powered by Free Software

You gotta love the Free Software community, you have to.’  The crowds of the Rockbox project make the Archos Jukebox and other common mp3/ogg players (including iPods) “the only “off the shelf” hard drive based MP3 player that offers accessibility to the vast majority of its features to the blind”. There is an audio file that describes how to use Rockbox on the iPod Video. I happen to know somebody that will surely like to hear that.

You can grab the latest release Rockbox 3.0, with a new multiplatform installer.’  I have to put this on my wife’s old iPod so that I can use it to listen to my collection of OGG files, since my Apple laptop is still defective (Apple’s fault), refusing to collaborate with my Samsung OGG player.