I actually like the OS X [ALT] + [TAB] behavior, because unlike most operating systems the “~” character can be used to go backwards if you skipped over your favorable open application while still holding down the [TAB] key.

But then again the _Click_ action is a lot to ask for. Say for instance your mouse just fell over the edge of your desk into the cable chaos zone? WHAT do you do NOW !?

“But wait, it gets worse. Quicktime player doesn’t play DIVx and other formats out of the box!!!”

I can relate to this problem, big let down from Apple! 🙁

But then again I use VLC with every codec imaginable pre-installed so I may be spoiled. O:)

As far as the whole hack it how you like it idea, completely with ya on that!

And for anyone who may not know… fink is a good start for open source apps on the Mac.