My high priority free software list

Help FSF build the fund

Help FSF build the fund

The FSF has rebooted the list of High Priority Free Software Projects with a $10,000 grant donated from The list contains software that is considered useful by the Foundation to keep computer users away from non-free software.

In the past the FSF has maintained such list directly but this time they ask for input by the community. I tend to agree with the priorities set by FSF, only reshuffling some of them and adding a few of my own. Here is my own personal wishlist:

  1. Gnash, the Free Software alternative to Adobe Flash, not only the player but also the authoring tool. Tools for creativity need lots of work, especially vector animation software and CAD/CAM drawing tools.
  2. CAD/CAM tools are way behind proprietary counterparts. It’s not just a matter of incompatibilities with DWG format. We should lobby Google to release SketchUp as free software, as a start.
  3. Video editing can be improved, but the building blocks are already there, so it shouldn’t be very too difficult to progress.
  4. VoIP and videoconferencing tools are still lacking behind proprietary counterparts, despite the fact that all the building blocks (open protocols, free sw servers and client libraries) are available.
  5. Better graphic templates for and other office/DTP applications. The tools are already good enough for home/small business use and I’m sure that good looking default templates would help drive adoption allowing one-click to create a good looking presentation or poster for local garage sale.

Last but not least, I think citizens of a Free Society need to start thinking of computers beyond the desktop boxes.’  We should invest efforts to develop more Free Sofware mobile applications and devices (like OpenMoko). And in parallel, make it easy to effectively sync between various applications and devices. BTW, did you notice that there is a bounty worth $2,000 to develop a Free Software application to sync Remember The Milk data with Funambol? Let me know if you want to grab that.