School ending, still little free time

I’m done with class, no more crossing the city to attend lessons. The two years of this EMBA are coming to an end, finally πŸ™‚ I still have little free time, though, because MIP Politecnico in the end is still an Italian school, with the exams happening months after classes have ended.’  I have to prepare a marketing plan for Marketing by the end of October and prepare a brief paper on innovation by early December. In between I have to play a business game, a (silly) simulation where a group of students has to impersonate a CEO and take business decisions based on the budget and the simulated market situation. It’s a silly game, IMHO, and the software runs only on Windows. I’d rather play Railroad Tycoon instead πŸ™‚ If that’s not enough, I also have a project work to deliver.

And if that’s not enough, there are two pretty big projects I’m working on with Funambol. News will come out soon, the first will be next week.