1. Don’t like the word “pirate”, but the idea is correct. I had once the problem of explaining what is a DRM to my wife and why they are bad. Not a chance to make it clearer than what happened after a while.

    When my daughters’ old Disney VHS, out of use, got as bad as she could not stand them anymore (!) my wife told me to copy those still usable on DVD. You must know that my wife is the best example in the world of law-abiding person. When I told her, no way, the DVD recorder refuses to do it because they are copy-protected, she said “but this is a copy we do own, we *are supposed* do a backup copy”. Yes, I said, this is the law, but the law also prohibits circumvention of technological protection (i.e., DRM), so we must buy new copies.

    So wife told me to go get [lost, with a cruder word] with my [goddamn, ditto] laws and go and lurke in the dark with my hacker friends until find somebody who could break the copy protection. How bad laws made by techno-illiterates (or by shrewed lobbyists) turn good people into criminals!

    PS: I plainly refused, because bad laws must be abolished, not ignored.

  2. If your wife bought music from the defunct Yahoo! music service she would have experienced what it means to lose a collection of files you paid for only because the vendor decided to do so. Bizarre world is the one we live in. πŸ™‚