Software patents will not pass in Europe

The last lesson of the MBA was about patents, how to use them strategically for your business. The professor was really good at explaining all the steps that you must follow before you start any innovation process and what traps expect you at each step you make.’  Funny enough, all his lesson confirmed me that the costs of patenting anything are far superior to the possibility to make money off of them. Probably the biotech sector is different, but honestly I know nothing about that so I can’t decide.’  For the other industries the patent system is like a lottery. And any grad school student knows that the most effective way to win a lottery is to save money not playing.

Some lobbyist in the EU keep trying to pass software patents though, because they represent the interests of the lottery owners: they make money because they are the owners of the casino.’  FFII is the main organization fighting constantly these lobbyists. Support FFII, sign the petition against software patents in Europe. Keep Europe a place where there is freedom to innovate.