Funambol’s first developers conference

Funambol’s community has grown so much that it deserves its first developer conference. We’re hosting this one day event on November 25 in Milan, at Politecnico di Milano.’  It’s very exciting for me to see how rich is’  the agenda: Funambol’s Engineering team will explain the structure of the various components and, more importantly, illustrate the roadmap of each main part: the sync server, the connectors and the clients.’  Bianka Busch of 1und1 will give an interesting overview of how they integrated Funambol with OpenXchange to deliver a MobileWe solution to their customers. Roberto Polli di Babel will be talking about integrating Funambol server with CalDAV and LDAP. Mike Taczak of Mailtrust will explain how they have worked with a commercial free software company to integrate the AGPLv3 code into their proprietary backends. Phil Shotton of PSJ Solutions will share his experience developing and maintaining the connector for SugarCRM: integrating two commercially successfull free software projects to power his own business.

Since the meeting is at the Politecnico, I encourage also the students to participate. Funambol offers paths to get in touch with the dazzling world of free software, with the Sniper Programs being the first and easiest ones (Code Sniper, Phone Sniper and Lion Sniper) and then maybe a carreer, too. Candidate funambolists are welcome to save the date now.