I agree, now the game is refocusing on mobile and cloud, which are two sides of the same coin, not at all two separate things. The gap between mobile and PC is being closed, if it still exists, by smartphones and netbooks, and I believe that PCs will play a very limited role in the upcoming years, or even they will fade away (like the desktop form factor for PCs).

Unfortunately, I fear that the tools with which the Free Software has achieved so much success are slightly ineffective in this new arena. With the sheer force of a great dose of idealism, a couple of licenses and a bunch of lines of code, what has been achieved in twenty years’ time is impressive. But I don’t think History will repeat itself.

What we need more badly than we needed it twenty years ago is public support and political backing. Good licensing, good idealism and good programming are not enough anymore. We need widespread public outreach. The game has been sort of reinvented, we must stay ahead of the game, and we’ll win!

Happy 2009!