links for 2009-01-12

Vista is a failure and GNU adoption is ramping up

Today is one of those days that starts with a sweet taste.’  The FSF has declared another victory for its BadVista campaign: Vista is a clear failure for Microsoft and for FSF it’s time to devote energy to something else. (btw: did you donate to FSF?)

Upcoming Windows 7 won’t be any better because it’s on the same awful track of Vista, focused on DRM and depriving freedom to its users.’  Vista is so bad that hardware manufacturer have switched to GNU/Linux for the new and highly profitable netbook segment. A whole new set of devices, from Asus EEE to HP Mini Mi, all powered by GNU/Linux (not Vista) are introducing innovation (and some freedom) to the desktops.

And the mobile landscape looks promising too, after seeing the first comments about the new Palm Prè.’  I love the desktop+cards paradigm, but I still don’t know if this is a good device freedom-wise.’  Way to go: 2009 looks like a happy new year already.

Important victory for DefectiveByDesign at MacWorldExpo

The MacWorldExpo started with a sweet sweet victory for FSF‘s campaign DefectiveByDesign: all the songs sold on iTunes by the music majors will be available without any Digital Restrictions Management scheme. This is a big moment for our movement, it shows that we are right, we are on the right track with this campaign to abolish restrictions on culture.

Today it’s time to relax and celebrate the moment, feeling the taste of victory. And to join the FSF.

Apple announces all music on iTunes to go DRM-free — no word on movies, TV shows, games, audiobooks and applications |

The iPhone killer existed before the iPhone

And Nokia didn’t know about it. The Linux-based Maemo platform had all the potential to radically change the cell phone landscape long before Apple came out with the iPhone. But Nokia preferred to be ultra-conservative and marketed the Internet Tablet devices such as the Nokia N810 as a toy for geeks.

Maybe this strategy has paid off since now Nokia is hiring those geeks to work on the Maemo software platform. This is a good sign for the free software movement because Nokia is flexing its muscles in the business arena pushing both its free/open source platforms: QT/GTK+ Maemo and the upcoming open sourced Symbian.

Way to go Nokia. Only be fast because I need a new phone and I have decided to buy one that comes with freedom attached, no strings.

Are you a developer? Apply here: Nokia – Apply Your Imagination.