Back from school, Funambol community grows

I haven’t been writing too much here because I was spending whatever leftover energy from my real job on myMBA project work. With that put to bed, it’s time to celebrate the end of two long years studying topics that I fell in love with. I feel so good, I’d start over (just kidding).

I have received satisfaction not only from school, but also from work. Funambol community is growing real fast, but it’s not just the pure numbers that rock. The quality of some contributions are just stunning. Recently, there has been a new release of the Funambol connector for LDAP, which now makes it easier to write DAO classes for different DirectoryServers. Also, Mailtrust developed a new special connector that syncs directly from server to server. For example, say you have your contacts in Google Mail and you also use an MS Exchange server, with Gnome Evolution on the desktop and an old syncml-based Nokia phone: before the Server-To-Server sync you would have to orchestrate the synchronization between the Exchange and Google accounts through the clients, being careful not to mess up. Now the S-t-S connector can take care of keeping all the accounts in the cloud in sync. That’s not the only scenario, there are more and all go in the same direction: empowering users of cloud based services to keep their data with them.Β  I think Mailtrust contributed s a very important building block of freedom in the cloud.