Google plans to own you. More.

Finally Google revealed its plans to enter the operating system market. The first thing that comes to mind are chairs flying in Microsoft offices πŸ™‚ The other thing comes from this statement:

β€œAll Web-based applications will automatically work and new applications can be written using your favorite Web technologies,” the company said.

It means cloud computing, the kind that makes desktop computers a dumb terminal. Since Google OS will target highly portable devices like netbooks, the issues of mobile cloud computing gain importance. I hope you’ll join the birds of a feather session at OSCON I’m coordinating to discuss what the free software movement can bring to mobile cloud computing.

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  1. Well, I share your concerns.

    We cannot stop the “web is the application” trend, if this is the evolution of the market. I still don’t like keeping my data on the cloud, if not for fun. Seriously no mission critical stuff can go there IMHO, but that was the impression with the initial use of emails at work (I am a lawyer) when it all started about 15 years ago, and now we are all on emails.

    The advantage of this “dominance” over the PC platform is that if they follow the standards and the standards are really open, anybody can contend the dominance. Well Microsoft disproves this by being utterly unsuccessful with Bing vs. Google search, but at least there is competition.

    Access to data and the ability to mash-up is the key. All in all, the battle for open standards seems pivotal. New users’ rights must be clearly defined, as “data are mine, thou shalt not mine data”.

  2. I’m not advocating to stop the wave of the cloud, and I’m happy to keep talking about these issues because I fear that the free software movement is still not fully aware of the new issues, especially regarding the ‘mobile’ cloud. At least I hope to spark the debate.