Libreplanet, Android, Funambol, Symbian, Ubuntu, Gnome, Mozilla and more at OSCON

OSCON 2009 was as good as I thought it would be. This year there was no mobile specific track but lots of talks about cloud computing. I met very interesting people, attaching faces and voices to email addresses and accounts. The BoF about mobile cloud gave me the chance to discuss ideas with Andy Oram and other smart people and I’ll start developing them in the next few months.

Award winning Evan Prodromou and other folks liked the idea of integrating the FoaF network in your mobile and desktop addressbook. With Bradley Kuhn and others of FSF Libreplanet we talked about the free software version of the Android OS. Some people are already working to liberate the radio drivers (GSM and wi-fi) in order to have a fully free kernel while many applications are already free as in freedom. The group is also interested in the Funambol syncml client because that adds more autonomy for the user.

The session by Stormy Peters gave me a few ideas for Funambol community that I’ll start implementing as soon as next week (watch Twitter and for announcements). We also talked about Funambol as a provider of grants for Gnome projects. With Louis Suarez-Potts we talked about code hosting platforms and ways for the Funambol and community to collaborate.

The Ubuntu team gave very interesting presentations. I talked with UbuntuOne developer Stuart Langridge about syncing data (see his presentation): I loved to hear about integrating CouchDB with Kontact/Akonadi and GNOME Evolution.Β  I followed also the presentations about Launchpad: interesting, especially the license, but I’ll have to dive deeper in it. I joined the Symbian Foundation workshop where I learned that Symbian^1, used in the latest handsets, has a Python interpreter installed by default. Sounds cool especially since it has less limitations than the Java VM.

The presentation of Mozilla Thunderbird 3 gave me hope that there can be an email client that doesn’t suck! And it was fun to follow Mako’s talk about ‘Antifeatures‘. The SourceForge Community Awards party was great, with free drinks, music, entertainment, a r/c car that runs on walls and tatoos. Great to be there, hope to repeat next year.