There is a new way to support Free Software Foundation: get a GNU credit card. At first I thought this would never happen, but  Stallman is a very surprising man: he doesn’t use credit cards because they carry too much personal information to ‘Big Brother’. Nevertheless, they’re convenient to use and with this one 0.3% of any expense will go to FSF.

FSF Credit Card

FSF is also running a contest for a new design. Details on FSF blog.

Introducing The Free Software Foundation Visa Platinum Card.

  • alright, I got my #googlewave invite, now it's time to test it 🙂 #
  • my talk "show me the money" is starting at 1pm in Open Source Business Models track #see09 #
  • RT @fabricapo A profile of top ten mobile companies that have chosen !Funambol recently (smart move 😉 #
  • the slides of my talk "show me the money" are now on slideshare #see09 #
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  • RT @funambol !Funambol is hiring. Many positions open: engineering, qa, professional services and sales #
  • Shopping around for free OSS social networking platforms. I'm looking for something that mixes sourceforge with facebook. Suggestions? #
  • am I the only one thinking that this multitouch mouse by Apple is the latest bullshit painted as gold and sold as gold? #
  • Talking about idiocracy, here is a STUPID redirect htt:// if you're in Italy will always redirect to the .it site! Suckers #
  • #Vista7 launched w/ security flaw: German gov agency reveals a hige bug with the new Microsoft system. Upgrade to !gnu #
  • Product innovation: the ultimate multi-Function tool for beach bums (or how to further evolve flip-flops) #