Stallman comments on CodePlex Foundation

We’ll have to judge the new foundation by its actions, but as a start there are no promising signs that this will contribute in any way to the free software movement. Instead, the foundation seems designed to increase the amount of software that, although distributed with licenses that respect formally the four freedoms (call it open source or free software, it’s the same in this case), will depend on Microsoft non-free platforms. Will this be a new version of the ‘java trap‘?

However good or bad the CodePlex Foundation’s actions, we must not accept them as an excuse for Microsoft’s acts of aggression against our community. From its recent attempt to sell patents to proxy trolls who could then do dirty work against GNU/Linux to its longstanding promotion of Digital Restrictions Management, Microsoft continues to act to harm us. We would be fools indeed to let anything distract us from that.

via Lest CodePlex perplex – Free Software Foundation.