Skype open source. Not!

Skype open source? Reading the full announcement on Skype blog:

[…]Having an open source UI will help us […]

So, it’s not Skype being open sourced, but it’s only the UI. The full sentence should be:

Having an open source UI will help us further our [Skype’s] plans to monopolize the Voice Over IP market with a proprietary and secret protocol that nobody can interoperate with. [Evil laugh]

I wish Google released a fully free and open source Gtalk, server included.





  1. That’s also my understanding. The UI is totally irrelevant (and it is also quite badly designed, IMHO). The protocols are the real stuff (are they so innovative? I beg to doubt it, it’s just voice compression AFAICT).

    So what are they “giving away”? Nothing! They are just playing the open source buzzword without believing a single word of what Free Software means.

    • Do they all support voice? and how about xmpp clients that support voice? I still haven’t seen one that is reliable. And gtalk is already how old? 3 years?