Things I said on 2009-11-08

  • #windows7 It Just Works …. as usual: after a reboot AMAZING DEMO #
  • ma possibile che #giromilano non includa le linee del passante? ma che inutile è? #fail #
  • #ATM milano dia i dati a chi li sa usare, tipo #google #Maps. RT se pensi che il sito di sia poco utile #
  • Gotta love !ubuntu: Any program that ships in Ubuntu that cannot handle the space in the name is broken #
  • !funambol Documentation week started today: contribute to Funambol Developer's Guide #
  • Skype Open Source. NOT! A move to expand to Skype's monopoly on the VoIP market keeping the protocol proprietary !gnu #
  • !funambol developers: It's #Funambol Community Week! Please help us improve our Developer's Guide. Learn more here: #
  • How to meet !funambol developers online: go to #funambol tomorrow 5:00pm CEST #
  • I work for a company that completed an M&A. That is pretty cool. Congratulations to #Funambol, welcome #Zapatec #
  • It seems there is no way to connect Facebook and #ebay if you're not a shop. That sounds very stupid in this 2.0 era #
  • WOW @fsf has a new home page! and it has video on it! Cool, congratulations #
  • !funambol developers: ready to meet on Meeting starts in 1 hour and 40min on #funambol #
  • RT @killthrill Any #funambol or #syncml Hacker attending #26c3 and willing to do a related project? in reply to killthrill #
  • !funambol irc meeting went well. I published a summary on the list. Waiting for more comments. Thanks all participants #

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