How To Evaluate Free Software Business

There are many companies making money with Free/Open Source Software and it’s still not easy to identify a free software company.  I’ve always advocated to put respect of customers’ needs and ethics in digital society as one of the crucial elements to identify a free software business.

Simon Phipps has put together a scorecard, a set of indicators to identify and evaluate companies that use, develop and sell free software based on the adherence to the principles of the Free Software and Open Source movements.

His speech in Bolzano this week is worth listening to. I think this is the right path to advancing  our movement.

A Software Freedom Scorecard [on Simon Phipps, SunMink].



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  1. Thanks, Stefano. The list I built for Bolzano was necessarily short, and definitely has gaps (it should list “software implements acknowledged open formats where possible” for example), but the two pages – one for community dimensions, the other for copyright/trademark/patent handling – are definitely the right place to start.