How to promote GNU and Software Freedom on 5th Avenue for free

Get this: Microsoft execs are desperately trying to reach kids and hipsters (pretending Windows is a cool brand) that they allow anybody to broadcast their tweets in the store window at legendary Saks on Fifth Avenue New York.

So here is your chance: tweet about software freedom, GNU, and Windows7sins using the #holidaywindows hashtag. And have fun!

via Apple Fans Flood Microsoft Window Display With β€œGet A Mac” Tweets | Cult of Mac.

Update: it seems that they are indeed filtering the Twitter stream. From a brief look at the messages posted, though, I wonder what is showing up on that window: most messages are promoting Mac anyway. This IMHO confirms that Microsoft has a long way to go if it wants to reposition its brand into the ‘cool’ realm.

BTW: we can still try to go past the filters and advertise to donate to charities, like FSF, SFLC or EFF πŸ™‚