Things I said on 2009-12-27

  • today is #demomeeting day at #funambol. I think the rockstar will be the #android client now that the Mac OS X client is out #
  • #Funambol #demomeeting started, just demoed the import of calendar items from google, timezone info included 🙂 #
  • development of #Funambol #mac os x client is proceeding with polishing the user experience! Neat! #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol java team working on the new email client, porting it to BB OS 5.x. Very nice GUI, much improved over the old one #demomeeting #
  • #funambol #demomeeting now on with latest on #android client. I smell a release coming. Stay tuned #
  • impressive automatic testing tool built into the #android #Funambol sync client #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol sync client for #android 2 runs on a #droid. Full contacts sync is working now. The binary package is coming #demomeeting #
  • a new version of #funambol client for #android is out. It syncs contacts only and for Android 2.0 only #

Two Funambol community projects to monitor during holidays

There is an interesting movement around two Funambol community projects: the syncml clients for Thunderbird and for Palm WebOS.

Mozilla Messaging is rapidly pushing Thunderbird 3 out of beta and Funambol’s community is ramping up interest in its addon. Carlo Codega, the main developer, started working on a port to Thunderbird 3 of the plugin. There is a first build for Windows, but it has issues and it’s only recommended for developers to fix it. Since the Thunderbird plugin depends on Funambol’s C++ SDK the Thunderbird addon needs to be ported to Linux and Mac OS X. Funambol offered a bounty under the Code Sniper program to prepare the builds for these two operating systems. If you are looking for a way to fill the afternoons and evenings during the holidays go to Funambol addon for Mozilla pages and get the chance to win $50 or more.

Somewhat connected to Mozilla, is the community effort to port the Funambol Java SDK to javascript in order to build a syncml client for WebOS, Palm’s operating system. An informative discussion sparked on Funambol’s forum around the Code Sniper grant and the first attempt of the javascript port done by long-time contributor Mathew McBride. This project and Mozilla’s are connected because if Thunderbird’s addon used a javascript syncml engine instead of the  C++ libs, it would improve its multiplatform support. Anybody interested in helping please join the discussion and start planning the development of the Funambol client for Web OS.

Things I said on 2009-12-20

  • a tutti quelli che si iscrivono agli stupidi gruppi su #facebook: un cambio di nome e ora sostieni berlusconi #
  • La follia di Tartaglia scatena la follia di alcuni parlamentari: non si chiedono perché sono odiati, ma censurano #
  • ♺ @eximious: "@smaffulli Thanks for renewing your #FSF membership!" Thank you FSF! Have you renewed yours? #
  • è semplice: lo spazio in strada è scarso quindi se vuoi usare l'auto paghi. Non paghi se inquini, ma se occupi spazio #
  • bad luck with Apple hard disks or just lousy components? 3 disks failed this year! hell of a coincidence #
  • ♺ @carlopiana: Microsoft FOSS patent pledge 100% useless: "and is not *commercially* distributed". #WTF #
  • ♺ @galoppini: EU Sun-Oracle investigation: Lobbyists and Hecklers at Work #opensource #eu in reply to galoppini #
  • RT @alltop Jack Bauer interrogates Santa – Holy Kaw! #
  • Prima neve, ferrovie in ginocchio! Locomotore guasto alle porte di Pavia, tutto bloccato. Ceno qui? #

3 ways to get cash over the holidays with Funambol

The winter holidays are a provide a good opportunity to  do something useful in that downtime between celebrations. Funambol’s community programs provide three ways to have fun and earn some cash, too.

1. Participate in the Code Sniper program: it rewards the efforts of the open source community to help build the open source mobile cloud. The Funambol project provides the basic framework, including server and clients, that implements an open standard (SyncML, also know as OMA DS and OMA DM). You can propose to develop new clients and connectors or to help improving an existing project. Each contribution counts, although developing code counts more: writing work items, writing full bug reports and testing them is worth $10; fixing issues and developing new features is decided by the community and it can reach $500. If you want to start a new project you may want to read How to develop a SyncML client the Agile way. Or you can help an existing project, like Thunderbird: check the list of active requirements. Bounties go up to $500. Find details about Funambol Code Sniper and also on Galoppini’s blog.

2. Test your new phone with Phone Sniper program: if you get a new mobile phone as a present, make the most out of it and rush to myFUNAMBOL, sign up for  an account (if you don’t already have one) and test its sync and push capabilities. Send a report back to Funambol and earn $25.  Check the list of phones that need testing on Phone  Sniper program pages.

3. Translate a Funambol client with L1on sniper program: one simple way to get started with Funambol is to download the code and compile it yourself. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to translate the client into your local language and earn $250. Once you’re done, send the patch with the translated files and some screenshots of the application. Detailed instructions are on L10n Sniper program pages.

Things I said on 2009-12-13

Things I said on 2009-12-06

  • Qualche idea per il progresso del sistema Italia. Mi piace l'idea di disinvestire: bene demolire per far posto al nuovo #
  • There is lots of potential in Wave: How to Federate Google Wave sandbox with your own (FedOne) server. #
  • Nice read: What We Shouldn't Learn From Steve Jobs #
  • does anybody have any idea how many linux 64 bit edition are running out there? Relative to 32bit and trends? #
  • RT @extrategy | sono disponibili i video di 5 sessioni dello #iad09 incluso il keynote di Peter Stevens! #
  • RT @glynmoody Google Dumps Gears for HTML5 – huge news for a key standard #html5 #google #gears #
  • Only in Italy? Received the renewal from my moto insurance, they asked 221€. Called the call center to renew, got a better price: 161€ #
  • If I paid online they would have robbed me #
  • My phone has GPS and maps, events have the 'location' field. Do you think the two things can do something together? Of course not! #nokia #
  • Vote for as "Best Online News Releases 2009" #
  • I'm very happy now that !Funambol asked EU to approve the Oracle+Sun deal #
  • Thuderbird 3 getting closer to final release. Will I be able to get rid of this bug-infested Evolution soon? #
  • Tomorrow is #demomeeting day @Funambol: I'll see the progress of !Android client and new Mac OS client. #
  • Bologna la vecchia signora dai fianchi un po' molli sta completando la migrazione di 3,600 PC a #
  • RT @cpierret How Google releases the ultimate spyware… >> Don't use it #
  • after an intense !funambol day (read the letter to Ms Kroes my battlestar galactica night is about to start. Geeky life #
  • today is #demomeeting day @Funambol: we'll see the progress of !Android client and new Mac OS client. Stay tuned for live tweets #
  • !funambol #demomeeting is about to start. Curious about Android client and Mac OS X client #
  • !funambol #demomeeting !android project added automatic tools to test contact sync automatically. #
  • !funambol #demomeeting !android project completed contact sync: now it works on Android 2.0 (volunteers needed to backport to 1.x) #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client demoing install procedure #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client shows up in Applications folder: neat! GUI works for setup. Command line app can sync contacts #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client has a spinning icon in the toolbar, too! C++ team is proceeding fast. Code: #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Outlook sync client can now sync pictures with servers supporting it #
  • !funambol #demomeeting The Outlook sync client should be able to run without OU installed and still sync pictures. #

Funambol asks EU to approve the Oracle+Sun deal

I was very concerned when DG Competition announced that they needed to take more time to investigate the merger of Oracle and Sun because of MySQL. The deal for me seemed not only natural for business reasons, but also naturally neutral towards consumers.  MySQL is safe also in Oracle’s hands because the project, with so many big companies knowing its internals, is basically too big to fail now. Even if Oracle should decide not to finance its development (which makes absolutely no business sense for them) there should be enough providers out there capable of offering support to users and further its development (software patents threat excluded).

I’m very happy that Funambol has sent a letter to European Commissioner Neelie Kroes asking her to approve rapidly the Oracle + Sun merger. I totally agree with Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol’ CEO, put all his

The database market is highly dynamic, and the software on which these enterprises are built can neither be owned nor their development paths easily controlled or curtailed.

And the damage for this wait is huge, not just for the companies, but for the employee. With Sun loosing $100Million per month, there is not much time to waste. Says Fabrizio:

The alternative to a full merger is likely to be the exit of SUN Microsystems from the database market. […] Their likely exit from the market will harm the open source software market and further entrench the position of proprietary software providers.

I hope that Commissioner Kroes listens and that Funambol’s letter can help clear her doubts.