Things I said on 2009-12-06

  • Qualche idea per il progresso del sistema Italia. Mi piace l'idea di disinvestire: bene demolire per far posto al nuovo #
  • There is lots of potential in Wave: How to Federate Google Wave sandbox with your own (FedOne) server. #
  • Nice read: What We Shouldn't Learn From Steve Jobs #
  • does anybody have any idea how many linux 64 bit edition are running out there? Relative to 32bit and trends? #
  • RT @extrategy | sono disponibili i video di 5 sessioni dello #iad09 incluso il keynote di Peter Stevens! #
  • RT @glynmoody Google Dumps Gears for HTML5 – huge news for a key standard #html5 #google #gears #
  • Only in Italy? Received the renewal from my moto insurance, they asked 221€. Called the call center to renew, got a better price: 161€ #
  • If I paid online they would have robbed me #
  • My phone has GPS and maps, events have the 'location' field. Do you think the two things can do something together? Of course not! #nokia #
  • Vote for as "Best Online News Releases 2009" #
  • I'm very happy now that !Funambol asked EU to approve the Oracle+Sun deal #
  • Thuderbird 3 getting closer to final release. Will I be able to get rid of this bug-infested Evolution soon? #
  • Tomorrow is #demomeeting day @Funambol: I'll see the progress of !Android client and new Mac OS client. #
  • Bologna la vecchia signora dai fianchi un po' molli sta completando la migrazione di 3,600 PC a #
  • RT @cpierret How Google releases the ultimate spyware… >> Don't use it #
  • after an intense !funambol day (read the letter to Ms Kroes my battlestar galactica night is about to start. Geeky life #
  • today is #demomeeting day @Funambol: we'll see the progress of !Android client and new Mac OS client. Stay tuned for live tweets #
  • !funambol #demomeeting is about to start. Curious about Android client and Mac OS X client #
  • !funambol #demomeeting !android project added automatic tools to test contact sync automatically. #
  • !funambol #demomeeting !android project completed contact sync: now it works on Android 2.0 (volunteers needed to backport to 1.x) #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client demoing install procedure #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client shows up in Applications folder: neat! GUI works for setup. Command line app can sync contacts #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Mac OS X sync client has a spinning icon in the toolbar, too! C++ team is proceeding fast. Code: #
  • !funambol #demomeeting Outlook sync client can now sync pictures with servers supporting it #
  • !funambol #demomeeting The Outlook sync client should be able to run without OU installed and still sync pictures. #