Things I said on 2010-01-10

  • I'm ripping my old cds in order to free some space in my library and contributing a little to #musicbrainz while at it #
  • "quando c'è l'amore c'è tutto" "no, quella è la salute!" Grande film #
  • Astronomers have recreated Galileo’s telescope to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his observations. #
  • sono molto schifato dalle pubblicità di auto 'verdi': pare che tutti vendano auto elettriche ma in realtà nessuno ne ha in listino #
  • A #funambol related talk at #26C3 in Hannover this January: Getting things done with Funambol and thinkingrock #
  • Contribution to #Funambol #thunderbird 3 plugin on #gnu/linux: now it's time to test it #
  • RT @packtpub: Read the 'Funambol Mobile Open Source' Sample Chapter here: Enjoy! #
  • someone should explain why in Evolution a selected address in the TO field cannot be pasted with the middle-click as in all X applications #
  • middle-click paste is the best feature of X. Why is it so inconsistent in #ubuntu? #
  • ♺ @micu: Cool! Fighting the x86 monoculture: #Lenovo #Skylight with #ARM CPU #smartbook #gadget #FOSS #
  • experimental release of #funambol addon for #thunderbird 3 on linuz is attached here Test it and report #
  • I love fruitcake: am I the only one? #
  • diving into #Funambol statistics: I like what I see. Google page rank for the Forge is at its highest, better than ubuntuforums 🙂 #
  • I can't believe it #Funambol ebook is already in warez sites. Is this a sign of its popularity? Get it from #
  • I hate email return-receipts! I thought nobody used them anymore, but I was mistaken. Who invented them? #
  • great lyrics ( quien le da mas poder al poder mas duro le van a venire a joder. Thinking of the stupid bodyscanners #

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