This is why i think iPad is revolutionary

I’m following the iPad presentation but until I saw this I wasn’t impressed

This makes the iPad a totally new device and suddenly makes OS X and GNU/Linux and Windows well … obsolete. To me this looks like Apple finally pushing away to the oh-so-old desktop metaphor, the mouse, the windows, the folders and all that.

Welcome iPad. I won’t buy you but I hope that others will draw inspiration from it.

The iPad gets a keyboard dock | Cult of Mac.





  1. If by pushing away the windows metaphor we have to lose multitasking (no, the iPad does not provide any multitasking capacity), well, let the windows be welcome…

    If by pushing away the keyboard you mean that the virtual keyboard will be enough, well, I think about all the developers laughing off loud in this moment…

    The folders are not an “oh-so-old” metaphor – it represents a mirror of the way we operate daily in our offices and the most immediate mean of categorization that pops into my mind. Content tagging is an alternative but in many cases does not represent a solution (ever thought about zipping a folder and send it to a customer?)

    The mouse? Yes, perhaps the only expendable item in the list.

    And I still believe that for $829 one can purchase a high-end netbook and get more features and better value for money.

  2. Well, we have a very different view. Let me explain better. IMHO multitasking is overrated: I don’t multitask. If I’m reading an email I can’t write a blog post. I have no problem to close down the browser while I’m writing a blog post and go read some text on a PDF, provided that when I close the browser I don’t loose any of my edits. You don’t need multitasking for this: you need a good design of the applications.

    I dream of one day when keyboards will not be useful, but that time is still far away. In this case, consider that iPad is mostly for enjoying content not for producing it. The fact that a real keyboard is available as attachment is very good design, IMHO.

    The folder paradigm is OLD because of the reasons you mention! Categories are made for physical objects, but in digital form they make absolutely no sense. Think how different is a supermarket aisle or a library from the Amazon store. Supermarket have to use categories: milk goes into the fridge aisle but that’s far away from the cookies which are far away from coffee, too. So if you only want to shop for ‘breakfast’ you need to walk a lot. Amazon instead can reshuffle things as they wish. On your computer you store data about projects: emails are stored in one program, photos are in another, presentation are sparsed in the file system. Does this look efficient to you? Is this the best way to use a computer: to replicate the limitations of the physical space? Not to me.

    As for the price, of course I won’t buy an iPad but nevertheless, it’s a step forward to a new way of thinking of computers, one made of many devices that do specific things.

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