What Symbian is risking by freeing its code

I honestly cannot understand the fear of forks that is spreading within the Symbian community. Since Symbian Foundation released the full source code of the operating system under the Eclipse Public License I’ve read few comments like the following:

I sincerely hope that we don’t see various manufacturers forking the code, and thus creating a veritable zoo of Symbian variants.

But then I ask: what can be worse than the current variants of proprietary Symbian? Even Nokia uses at least three Symbian versions, largely incompatible between each other.Β  Proprietary Symbian is a nightmare for developers, and I cannot see anything in the free software Symbian that can make things worse. The only risk I see for Symbian is to be successful at this point and win the hearts of the developers. What do you think?

via The risk of opening Symbian – All About Symbian Feature.