Things I said on 2010-02-28

  • Devo cambiare operatore mobile, ricaricabile, traffico dati a kb (no tempo). Consigli? #
  • #spam on #skype is alarmingly increasing. Time to abandon it, for good? #
  • Disservizio sanitario nazionale: attesi 20 giorni per una visita, medico malato, rimandata visita fra 10 giorni. Nessuna alternativa fornita #
  • I'm so *ing tired of people forcing me to fix things they screwed up! The bank lost €466 from my account but I'm working to get'em back #
  • Massive #HP #fail: Scanning is no longer supported when using Mac OS v10.5 with wife's PSC 1200 Upgrade to #GNU #
  • Don't you hate not being able to buy a one-way airplane ticket? It seems such a waste #
  • vendo la mia Pentax P30n: un'occasione di accaparrarti un pezzo storico analogico #
  • A bad day for #google EU Opens Antitrust Investigation Into Google ( and Italian judge makes a mess #
  • ♺ @nico_mar: you know #Italy is skewed to geriatric when a 33-year-old photographer is "young" in promo copy #
  • ♺ @edschepis: I will be giving a talk @Better_Software in May: #
  • ♺ @galoppini: Diffusion of Open Source Innovation (in reply to @DanaBlankenhorn ) #
  • ♺ @fabricapo: Picture taken on an elevator at the Fiumicino airport in Rome (on your way to the Hilton hotel) #
  • Very interesting legislation to create jobs ♺ @fabricapo: The startup visa might make life easier to the future funamboli in reply to fabricapo #
  • Ah, se i giornalisti italiani scrivessero così: #
  • Book Review for "Funambol Mobile Open Source" from Rick Wagner #
  • ♺ @mozilla: Thunderbird 3.0.2 update is now available for download #
  • ♺ @Symbian: #Symbian presents Nokia’s UI Extensions for Mobile (Formerly known as Orbit) #
  • #Funambol #demomeeting started. Last demo before stabilization phase, next major version is getting close #
  • highlight of new #Funambol community edition: #Mac OS X sync client and #Android Sync Client #
  • #Funambol #android client is entering stabilization (feature freeze) next week #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol server team is adding support for newer phones #demomeeting #
  • Are you a developer with some expertise on #Thunderbird Drop by #Funambol #mozilla project #
  • Il grande capo Estigazzi è una delle cose migliori di Radio2! 🙂 un grande filosofo #
  • Finalmente sono riuscito ad entrare nel mio cassetto fiscale con la carta regionale dei servizi, da GNU/!Linux. Ottimo. #
  • ♺ @webmink: Oracle exec confirms continuing commitment to OpenSolaris: #
  • #Funambol won the SPIFFY award for “best communication solution.” That's such a cool name for an award #
  • Do Microsoft programmer know how to generate casual numbers? It seems they don't (or are they playing tricks?) #

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